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Fall/Winter Training

Off-season training with Coach Eilmes will start (hopefully) this September and run through February (hopefully). EACH MONTH IS OPEN TO ANY AGE and has a strict limit due to COVID19.

During these months, time is spent covering all aspects of infield play. Skills that will be taught/covered are, but not limited to, preparatory pre-pitch readiness, fielding position, deflecting, reading hops, backhands, double play feeds and pivots, developing infielder hands, glove positioning, and physical conditioning. Like mentioned, there will be much more covered. Once we get the roster of players we will modify/adapt accordingly.

Don’t miss out on training with Coach Kenny Eilmes. He has developed star infielders such as Kodie Kolden (WSU), Brock Bozett (U of San Fran), Elijah Hainline (WSU commit), Ricco Longo (GU commit), Sterling Lipscomb (All-GSL) and Spencer Shipman (U of Portland) (to name a few of our stars). There are many more up-and-coming infielders that will no doubt be playing beyond HS. Our off-season training is fast paced, high energy, competitive and fun. We put an emphasis on player improvement and our strategies and methods produce results. If you plan to attend, don’t wait to sign up. When a camp is full, it’s full. No exceptions. Hopefully see you this fall/winter!